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Brakanes Hotel is located right by the fjord in Ulvik and makes a great starting point for the many exciting adventures and activities to be found in the area. There’s everything from adrenaline-filled outdoor experiences to gentle, cultural activities.

The magnificent scenery can be experienced all year round. This is great walking and skiing country, with many different routes to take in the summer and the winter. We provide maps and you can also book a guide through the touristoffice.

Summer 2018 - Explore Hardanger from above with Scandinavian Skies and experience fjord, mountains and glaciers with one of the seaplanes situated at Brakanes Hotel.

Brakanes - Finse and Hardangerjøtulen (glacier) NOK. 1.850,- per person (min 3 max 4 passengers)

Brakanes - Fjords and Mountains including Trolltunga NOK. 2.950,- per person (min 3 max 2 passengers)


Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway. Trolltunga is situated about 1100 meters above sea level and the view is breathtaking. The hike starts in Skjeggedal, about one hour by car from Ulvik and goes through the high mountains, takes 10-12 hours (22 km in total to Trolltunga and return) and the ascent is about 900 meters. It is a long and hard hike. The hike is usually possible to do from mid-June to mid-September, depending on the snow. Brakanes Hotel can together with Trolltunga Active arrange trips for individuals and groups.

Set right in Ulvik is Holmen bathing beach and sports ground. Here you will find a beautiful, family friendly beach, plus running track, tennis court, sand volleyball courts and grassed football area. Ulvik Waterskiing Club, housed right next to the sports ground, offers tuition in this exciting sport for all ages and abilities.

The wetland areas surrounding Ulvik are home to more than 80 types of bird, a great place to visit if you’re a nature lover who likes watching our feathered friends! You can also participate in cultural and historical walks along marked paths, enjoy boat trips on the Hardangerfjord, farm visits along the Fruit - and ciderroute or visit Hjeltnes Horticultural College.

Meanwhile, Ulvik Tourist Office and B-active Center has bicycles and cayaks for hire and can be contacted for more information on all the amenities and attractions in the area, plus offers.


For groups we can arrange a visit to Norway`s only Fruit - and ciderroute. Three farms along the route welcomes guests from all over the world and invites to learn more about norwegian farming through several generations. A big part of the Hardanger-culture is producing applecider, and all farmers used to make cider in their cellars. The farms along the route has taken it a bit further. You can enjoy an informal lesson on cider production and taste different products, plus get to know farm live through generations. Almost like visiting an italian wine-producer. 

Olav H. Hauge was a farmer and poet living in Ulvik, and his poetry has become famous in many other countries. The Olav H. Hauge-center is a museum wich tells you the story about his life through an activitybased exhebition. The center was awarded Norway`s museum of the year in 2015. We can arrange visits for both groups and individuals.

Rossvoll is a fruit farm located a short walk from the centre of Ulvik. Here you can stroll in the footsteps of Olav H. Hauge who grew up and lived his adult life on this farm.

Ulvikatorget is situated by the church nearby and includes the Touristinformation, a glassblower and a ceramics-maker. They also sell locally produced food, drinks and handcraft. One of Norway`s biggest newspapers had an article in 2015 where they asked if the touristoffice in little Ulvik might be the best in the country? WOW!

Skeie Mill is situated close to Ulvik centre. It was moved here from Mulelven in Bergen about 1890, and has its origin from 1600.Grain from all over Hardanger was processed here. Today Skeie Mylna is partly restored and used for different events like concerts and local folk-dance exhebition.

Ulvik Church was consecrated in 1859 and the interior was decorated with rose-painting in 1923 by local artist Lars Osa. Here you can find a copy of the best known religious pictures from the Norwegian middle age.

Osa is a little village 10km by road from Ulvik and surrounded by steep mountainsides and roaring waterfalls. Here you can explore the facinating "cold holes" amongst the stones used as refrigerators in the old days. The old administration building from 1917 houses a contemporary art gallery exhebiting the works of the local artist Lars G. Polden. Other artists are also displayed. In Osa you can also visit Hardanger Base Camp who organises adventure-packed exercises for groups with team-building through spear and archery competitions, climbing, and survival technique training.

The Osa mountain is a scenic mountain area 1.250m above sea level. The Hardangerjøkulen glacier is one of the highest peaks in the area. A mountain passage road is open to traffic between May and september, 20km from the center of Ulvik.

These are just some of the courses that are on offer. Contact our sales department for more information.

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