Brakanes Conference Center

Our conference centre is situated right next to Brakanes Hotel. Here, our highly skilled hosts and technicians are present during events to ensure that the standards enjoyed by both conference organisers and participants are the best possible.


1. Floor: Cinema, Classroom, Banqueting/Convention room M2

Congress Hall 500 240 300 320 344

Meeting room A 145 80 100 80 168

Meeting room B 250 100 150 100 162

Group room 20 December 1915 from 12.5

2. Floor Cinema, Classroom, Banqueting/Convention roomM2

Meeting room 1:50 30 40 72

Meeting room 2 30 20 25 35

Group room December 20, 1915 27

Carpeted floors in all meeting rooms and seminar rooms.

Tiled floors in the lobby and lounge.


A projector in each meeting room and, in the largest of the group rooms, portable projectors, WLAN, notebook PCs and guest computers with broadband. Over-head projectors, flip-charts and whiteboards in all meeting rooms.

Room Capacity:

Two-hundred-and-fifty rooms, including 143 rooms on Brakanes Hotel, 56 rooms in Ulvik Hotel and 50 rooms at the Strand Fjord Hotel.

Ulvik Fjord Hotel is just a short walk from Brakanes Hotel (five minutes).

Brakanes Hotel Group